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Welcome to ELFA S.A.

ELFA SA today holds a large market share in the supply of industrial electrical equipment and a full range of electrical equipment for Medium and Low Voltage applications, for Automation, Control and Network supervision. The cooperation with internationally certificated companies as well as the high quality products and services constitute a consistent basis for customers’ attraction.

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Latest from ELFA

INVERTEKOfficial distributor of INVERTEK Company (Variable Frequency Drives).Read more
Annaka / JapanProject Assignment, 1,7MW S/S for P/V park at Annaka in Japan.Read more
New CollaborationNew collaboration with Japanese solar Engineering company NEXPV for PV projects in Japan.Read more
Omaeda / JapanProject Assignment, 0,5 MW S/S for P/V park at Omaeda in Japan.Read more
Exclusive representationExclusive representation Agreement of Ziehl Company (Automation Material – Mains Monitoring).Read more
Award of ProcurementAward of Procurement - PPC / Mytilene, Eight (8) Medium Voltage of Metal Clad type, for PPC Mytilene by ERGOTRAK.
Tochigi / JapanProject Assignment, 1 MW S/S for P/V park at Tochigi in Japan.Read more
ELSTEELOfficial distributor of ELSTEEL Company (Low Voltage Modular Enclosures - Form 2 έως 4b).Read more
Award of ProcurementAward of Procurement, 6850 Junction Boxes for Solar Project 61MW at MAFRAQ in Jordan by E.T. Solutions (Germany).
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